Lighter Danger Nguyen Si Kha • Buried Wave • 2022

Lighter Danger Nguyen Si Kha • Buried Wave • 2022

Nguyen Si Kha, a Vietnamese singer-songwriter, released the song Lighter Danger Nguyen Si Kha • Buried Wave • 2022″ off his album Buried Wave in 2022. The song is a sombre and gloomy ballad about the perils of falling in love.

Song lyrics

The sense of being dragged into a risky love affair is captured in the song’s simple yet impactful lyrics. In her songs, Kha expresses how love is both beautiful and dangerous, like a lighter. In addition, he sings about how he knows he should avoid the situation but can’t stop himself.

Here is a straightforward translation of the song’s lyrics into English:

Love has a lighter, It burns quickly and brightly. It might burn you, but it can also provide you with warmth.

Even though I know I should avoid it, I can’t resist. You have a flame that draws me in, even though I know it’s deadly.

Voices and Melody

The gloomy and eerie melody of the song nicely captures the tone of the words. Kha performs the song with a lot of emotion, and his vocals are passionate and touching.


The song “Lighter Danger” resonates with anyone who has ever been in a risky or poisonous relationship. The song is about the perils of disobeying our instincts and the strength of love.

Advice on Steering Clear of Risky Relationships

Here are some pointers if you’re concerned about entering a risky relationship:

Recognise your value.

Someone who values and accepts you for who you are is the person you should be in a relationship with.

Establish limits.

Setting limits is crucial in all kinds of relationships, but romantic ones more so than others.

Make sure your partner understands your wants and expectations, and be ready to leave if necessary.

Pay attention to your gut. It’s likely not healthy for you to be in a relationship if you feel that way. Don’t discount your intuition.

Speak with a trustworthy person.

Speak with a therapist, family member, or trusted friend if you are concerned about entering a risky relationship. They can assist you in recognising the warning signals of a risky relationship and creating a safety plan.

In summary

A melancholic and exquisite song about the perils of love is called Lighter Danger Nguyen Si Kha • Buried Wave • 2022. You will continue to think about this song long after you have finished listening to it.

Recall that you are not by yourself. At some time in their life, many people enter into partnerships that are harmful. There are people who care about you and wish to support you in leaving a harmful situation.

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